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Bark.com review
Bark.com review

Bark.com review – pretty crappy for osteopathy in London


Something which I have been looking thinking about a lot recently is how much time I spend discussing imaging with patients. Not so much their actual images (if they have any), but the possibility of getting them. The process usually goes like this: Patient: I have been thinking about having an x-ray/MRI for it Me: […]

Running – it works
Running - it works

In a previous job I worked assessing gym members to give them a score for their life and encourage them to exercise more. Whilst most of this was relatively unrewarding, there were two parts which made it more interesting: Firstly, getting the chance to see every person standing, walking, running, doing press-ups and crunches really […]

Ptalpation of the pterygoids
Ptalpation of the pterygoids

Or at least the lateral one. “Musculuspterygoideuslateralis“. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons. I have just finished reading this excellent article on attempting to treat the lateral pterygoid via direct digital stimulation. On those occasions where I have used techniques like this, I have definitely noticed that the area described is very tender, and extremely hard, […]

Hanging challenge week 2
Hanging challenge week 2

So far, I have been working on the IdoPortal hanging challenge for a week, having bought a cheapo pull up bar from Amazon. My first thoughts – Ido talks about whether or not to wear gloves and states that he never had trouble. I think I have already noticed changes to calluses on my hands. Nothing so […]

Hanging Challenge and new regime!

I have recently successfully been getting myself back into having hobbies! This has meant aiming for a weekly class of Shorinji Kempo, and keeping up cycling. However, I have also been trying some newer things – the family have just started trying the basic 7-minute workout from this paper. To make it interesting, we have already […]