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Bark.com review

A very short post about the frustrating mess that is Bark.com.

They have a reasonable flow of requests for massage which are no help to me, but are sometimes downright offensive, like this one:

I reported this to them, but they didn’t respond.

They consistently target me (and my clinic) shouting about their high demand for osteopathy searches. The only request for osteopathy I received through their site turned out to be a local clinic secretly checking on competition, with a memorable email address. I reported this to Bark too, and they at least refunded my credits.

However, the final straw was today, when they forwarded this little gem:

I was pleased to see that no credits will be charged for contacting Kevin.

Of course, I will report this to them too. I wonder how they will respond!

Finally, I always feel the need to add, of course, they may be great in other professions, maybe they have been really useful for your business, blah blah blah. But they were pretty rubbish for me!

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