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Running – it works

In a previous job I worked assessing gym members to give them a score for their life and encourage them to exercise more. Whilst most of this was relatively unrewarding, there were two parts which made it more interesting:

Firstly, getting the chance to see every person standing, walking, running, doing press-ups and crunches really brought home how much we can see from a simple standing postural assessment. It made me much more confident in pointing out where I thought people would experience problems based on their shape. That is not to say that those areas were dysfunctional necessarily, just that they were where the strain felt with any problem would be felt.

The second was one of these!

So shiny!














It wasn’t actually this brand, and I am not convinced it was calibrated properly either.
I started doing this job at a similar time to starting to do swaps of training for treatment at the same gym. So I thought it would be an excellent idea to use the machine to track my progress! Here are some results.Pretty uninspiring changes (and I should note that even the overall mass showed differently on a different set of scales.

body contents

Amazing! Well, no.

However! There is that little uptick at the end, when everything started to improve. And the way I got that was just through running.

The problem is that the machine works entirely based on electrical impedance and standardised tables. So, when I took two samples (before and after a 7k run) there was quite an impact! I am sadly very sweaty indeed when running, so it was unable to recognise me – I was a new man!











Particularly satisfying – moving from Obese to Muscular, changing from needing to lose 6kg of fat to being perfect, and losing 1.3kg of fat from my trunk, whilst coincidentally losing 1.5kg in total!

Does this mean that these machines are useless? Not necessarily, as I am sure these guys would attest, but I had pretty obvious visible physical changes over the four month period that went unnoticed, and sweating for 50 minutes had a tremendous impact.

Perhaps they are just not suited to partially trained use…

Alternatively, maybe running is the finest exercise available!

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