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Hanging challenge week 2

So far, I have been working on the IdoPortal hanging challenge for a week, having bought a cheapo pull up bar from Amazon.

My first thoughts –

  • Ido talks about whether or not to wear gloves and states that he never had trouble. I think I have already noticed changes to calluses on my hands. Nothing so severe as to interfere with hands on work, but definitely there!
  • Seven minutes is actually a very long time, especially when you only have one attachment point in the house. I have toyed with moving it to different rooms when I go to hang around (ha ha!), but am currently considering buying a second one for the kitchen doorway instead…
  • I definitely haven’t been consistently achieving seven minutes a day. This has been hindered considerably by the family who are all also interested in the bar – another reason to buy a second one!

On to the second week, and hopefully more success.

I should also say, if I don’t manage to fall within the exact guidelines of the challenge, I think we are starting to get the hang (ha ha ha!) of it being something to casually do. And that is interesting!


Next challenge, handstands and handstand walking

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